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"The Old Will Die and the Young Will Forget"...Using Mimir's Wisdom to Fight the Culture Destroyers..

Odin asks questions of Mimir at his Well

In ancient Norse, Mimir means, “the Rememberer", or "the Wise One". This is exactly what we need now… Remembrance and wisdom are central to our survival, and for this reason our library is named Mímisbrunnr, in honor of Mimir’s fountain of wisdom, which we should all drink from!
I am taking part of this blog from a facebook album I made once about history, mostly dealing with atrocities committed by jews in Palestine, and their worldwide supression of free speech. Ironically these albums on free speech were deleted by facebook along with my profile despite their contents being purely factual.. The facts themselves, and the truth, are not allowed in the Zionist controlled governments we live in.
Semitic peoples and those infected with the mob mentality of Semitic cults wish to obscure knowledge, not attain enlightenment or wisdom. They have been the authors of the obliteration of many cultures… For example, the willful destruction of the Library of Alexandria, first at the hands of christians, then the moslems, set our progress back incalcuably. Even the South American cultures were not spared the almost total obliteration of their culture though the wanton burning of the codices by christians.
This defacement of great works of art and architecture, and of all that is holy and good, is a necessary feature of this cultural Marxist onslaught so favored by those of semitic race or religion. Before the victims can be completely  sheepified, they must made ignorant, and thoughtless, and be rendered cultureless. It is a theft of identity itself, and a means of control, just as the thought control laws always instituted at the same time are.
Burning books has been a constant feature of such takeovers throughout time and the present is no exception. In fact, now we have a new spectre to beware, the decline of real books and the advent of digital media, a situation which could change history instantly with the touch of a button. If real books disappear, in a very short time even the few vestiges of the truth about what really happened that remain could be more easily covered up. If Zionists are left in charge they will assuredly wipe out anything that could be used to help save us.
The jewish attitude towards culture destroying,  which is one of their favorite tactical weapons,  can best be summed up in the words of Ben Guirion who  said, in 1948 : "We must do everything to insure they (the Palestinians) never do return."  He assured his fellow Zionists that their terror campaign would work, saying of the Palestinians that had not already been butchered.. "The old will die and the young will forget." No  one could ever accuse Zionists of not being thorough.
The taking of lives and land in Palestine is apparently not enough for them, so even the  very remembrance of the dead, and of history,  and the Palestinian identity, are also being taken away. The Palestinian word for the day Israel was created, which was more or less the end of their world, "Nakba" has been forcibly taken out of textbooks for Palestinians by Israeli officials, and instead, questions about the highly fictional Jewish Holohoax have been added to national exams for Palestinians. Now, the Palestinian people are not even allowed to remember the day Israel was created or mourn, or even identify with themselves or their ancestors. The Israeli Marxist "thought police" have banned it.
"The new legislation states that municipalities, public institutions, or organizations that receive public funds will be fined for marking the Nakba or expressing feelings of mourning about Israel’s establishment.." “On this day, the thought police is being established in Israel,” said Isaac Herzog.
Massive destuction of Arab books has accompanied the still ongoing Palestinian Holocaust. Moshe Dayan, Israel’s famous former Defense Minister, referring to the utter destruction of hundreds of Arab villages and many of their inhabits, explained:
“You don’t even know the names of these Arab villages, and I don’t blame you, because these geography books no longer exist. Not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either…. There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population.”
Tactics such as these have been used against Europeans  in nearly every country as well for a much longer period of time. They have been used  to take away our identity, and now, if nothing is done, the last remnants of our culture and the very existence of our people will soon draw to a close. What has been done to the Germans and Eastern Europeans by the Marxist jews is so monstrous that it is hard even to take in.

One good example is  the targeting and mass murder of European nobility  in  Poland, which the Germans falsely blamed for . This lie was perpetuated with the full cooperation and knowledge of all the governments concerned at the wish of the jewish controlled media. There was no exoneration of Germany until the 1980’’s. 22,000 Europeans were shot in the back of the head by Marixst jews and thrown in mass pits out of real racist hate,  and so great is the current control over the media and publishing houses that almost no one even knows it happened.
The real genocides of WWII, the murder of 60 million Europeans,  mass starvation, torture, slavery, gang rape of women and children, and expulsions of millions  more Europeans is virtually unremarked upon in any history book, as are the true authors of these crimes, who were not “Russians” but Jews. This selective view of history, in which these facts are left out, is aided by the spread of anti- German and Anti- Russian propaganda which blames the victims, not the real war criminals.

Small children in modern German schools are even brainwashed and guilt tripped from an early age with comic books designed to make them identify with their oppressors. All of this is done in the name of  Israel acquiring more reparations from them, more aid from us, and having more wars fought for them, so that they can acquire more and more land until whatever host they are feeding upon at the moment is utterly destroyed.
Getting back to Mimir… we need to preserve and add to whatever knowledge and wisdom we possess, and not go backward. We can no longer afford to blithely believe lies such as these and be used as cannon fodder by a vicious species of trolls.
Mimir is known as a water spirit and a smith God, but he is most famed in legend as the wisest of the Æsir.  He served as a hostage to the Vanir, and was beheaded  during the war between the Æsir and the  Vanir.   Odin sought counsel from his disembodied head, preserving it with herbs, and speaking magical words that returned life to Mimir so that he regained the power of speech...

The source of Mimir’s great wisdom was said to be a well from which he had drunk, using the great Gjallarhorn. This sacred well, Mímisbrunnr, is said to lie between the 3 roots of the great cosmic tree Yggsdrasil. It contained Odin’s eye as well, because Odin had pledged it in order to drink of its wisdom to help our people. Let us remember, and do our best to make sure the sacrifices our ancestors made for us were not made in vain.

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